The powerful 5000mw laser pointer!

Awesome 5000mw Laser Pointer you can see it 10000yds out in the shade, sunlight of course eliminates the green dot. The laser pointer is made completely out of metal and feels very well built. This has two different mounts for rail mount or scope mount, and two different switches. The first switch is a push button constant on, the second is a remote pressure switch that can be mounted by the trigger; this will turn the laser on as long as you keep it pressed.

5000mw Laser

However, the burning laser was used to attack some close small goals, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, shells, mines is very ideal, especially in Minesweeper, solid state laser burned mine need energy,10 kW is enough. The United States has developed a power of 1000 watts garnet laser, mounted on the roof of the car hundreds of meters on the roof of the mine, and later, also used it to shoot down a small UAV flight. In a sense, garnet laser weapons have come on the battlefield, but also unlike science fiction flash killed the death ray so severe.

Great green Laser Sight , would recommend for a long rifle, not for a pistol because it's really big, long. It had a very bright green dot that can be seen easily from 150 yards! I hooked it up to my .22LR long rifle rail mount and it holds zero very well. I would personally say that this item is worth more than its low cost and I plan on ordering another one or two for my other rifles. But as I stated before, I wouldn't recommend this for a pistol.

I ordered this 100mw Laser Pointer from RiLong in China and was notified shortly afterwards that the battery couldn't be shipped due to customs. That I understand and it was no big issue for me as I have batteries and a charger. Cindy at customer service offered me an 8% discount which I got. She also wanted me to notify her upon getting the discount and the laser to be sure everything was ok with the purchase. The laser was a very good quality item and it is nice and bright. All items were received with nothing missing and it arrived early. Customer service was A+. I look forward to mounting the laser on my M-4 for hunting. I may order another one later to put on a shotgun I have. This laser is well worth the money and the price was great too.

So far so good! Haven't had the chance to use it at the range yet, but from first impressions and a quick test outside, it seems to be a great laser for the price you pay. Shines across my lake at night no problem and is very bright and distinguishable. It's really cool seeing the actual beam pierce through the sky at night. Hopefully it holds up to the recoil at the range! I would definitely recommend this product.Great little laser. Mounts easily and has two types of switches - one on the back and a replacement that has a cord. Easy to see in daylight ( and night ) battery seems to last a long time, but turn it off when not in use. 

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