current Russian air based laser weapon


As America's strategic defense began to turn into space, Russia must develop its space industry in response to the challenges of the United States. December 2014, the Russian government passed the 2013 to 2020 the Russian space program draft, plans to build the world's leading aerospace power in 8 years time. In recent years, Russia increases its military expenditure for the development of a new burning laser weapons.

It can be considered that the current Russian air based laser weapon system will be more mature. At present, the Western powers have extended their military reach into space, and Russia's laser weapon system will be used as a weapon against these country's space weapons and equipment. The Russian military laser weapon can destroy the enemy satellite, and the ground-based laser weapon system will be used in actual combat.


HTPOW 30000mw Military Laser Pointer鈥�

Russia and the United States have a long time competition in the field of high powered laser , the Russian "Tatiana" satellite of the sudden suspension of work, it was considered to be related to the United States laser weapons. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia's comprehensive national strength weakened greatly, however, the peripheral security environment has become increasingly complex, especially the eastward expansion of NATO, the United States continue to plan for the deployment of anti missile system in Eastern Europe, Russian strategic space and deterrence strength suffered a huge threat. In this case, Russia can only rely on more strategic nuclear forces.

Strong Nuclear Laser Weapon

There is a strong Russian nuclear deterrent, make NATO crisis in Ukraine several times in the conflict to direct military confrontation with the russian. In view of this "thorn in the eye", the United States led by the western countries try their best to weaken Russia's nuclear deterrent capability. With the increasing maturity of military space technology, western countries have put the 200mw Laser Pointer into space. The current U.S. reconnaissance satellites can detect any corner of the territory of Russia, and with the accelerated construction of anti missile network, according to Russia's strategic nuclear missile detection sensitivity and response speed increasing, which effectively inhibits the advantages of mobility of land-based nuclear power in russia.

Once there is a huge imbalance in the space and military forces, it is bound to break the balance of the global strategy, a huge threat will come out to the security of russia. So, the development of 100mw Laser Pointer weapon system in outer space will be a success strategy.


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