Laser Wool Technology

Maozhi cold-rolled sheet is an important raw material for automobile, household appliances, electronics and light industry production demand. There are many ways to process the surface of the roll. As the laser wool technology has more advantages in processing methods, improved molding performance, post-coating brightness and production cost than other methods of hair, laser wool technology Has been highly valued by iron and steel enterprises.

The principle of laser hair is the use of specially modulated high-energy density of high repetition frequency of the pulsed blue laser pointer beam after the incident into the roll surface after the implementation of preheating and strengthening, at the gathering point to form a tiny pool, while the side blowing device The micro-bath is designed to set the auxiliary gas in the direction of pressure, flow and direction so that the melt in the bath can be deposited as far as possible to the edge of the molten pool to form a circular-shaped projection. The preheating zone, The roll is rapidly cooled under the action of thermal conductivity to form a hardening zone, and then, during the rolling or flattening of the sheet, the bumps on the roll surface form a number of deformed hardened particles on the plate surface to form a laser burr plate.

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Laser wool technology not only can improve the surface quality and molding performance of steel, but also strengthen the roll, improve the wear resistance of the roll. In the process of tensile deformation, the hardened points of the discrete distribution play the role of homogenization, stable deformation and delayed deformation, so that the elongation of the steel plate The rate was significantly higher than that of the same material. At the same time, the surface roughness of the surface of the laser pointer wool can enhance the adhesion of galvanized, tinned and other coatings, and improve the brightness of the surface coating.

The method of laser rolling the surface of the roll is that the roll rotates about its own central axis, and the laser processing head moves axially along the bus of the roll, and the pulsed laser or continuous laser is mechanically transformed into a pulsed laser Or through the acousto-optic switch into a pulsed laser, through the optical path transmission and focusing, acting on the surface of the roll, the laser action of the point to form a high-density spiral. As the spiral angle is very small, people generally see it as a circular line. Since the size of each pulse laser is uniform, the energy of each pulse astronomy laser pointer acting on the roll surface is also consistent, so the size of each point is also consistent. Thus, the effect of the roll surface being burnt is an evenly arranged lattice in an ordered arrangement.

CNC system can store massive wool processing program, according to the roll of different roughness and spindle speed requirements, set the different axial linear density, the choice of circumferential frequency section, the laser power to establish laser hair process database. The operator only need to call out the corresponding application according to the roughness requirements, set the starting and ending parameters, the laser power transferred to the corresponding parameters, click the start button, the device automatically detects the roll diameter, automatic hair processing, processing after the end, the hair head automatically returns zero. Can be called a key operation.

At present, the research of laser wool technology mainly focuses on the morphology and distribution control of Maohua pit, the long processing technology, the reasonable utilization of red laser energy and so on. Among them, the distribution control of laser pit is the difficulty of laser hair The development of technology is essential. As the third generation of roll wool technology, laser wool technology is being studied more widely.

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