Variety of Ground-based Laser Weapons


At the same time, the United States is still developing ground-based burning laser weapons for anti satellite test. 1997, the U.S. military hit a laser beam successfully for the first time with the mid infrared advanced chemical laser which emitted by the United States Air Force Meteorological satellite. Since then, the United States has repeatedly conducted a similar test. On March 7, 2007, Russia tower season Maria satellite suddenly stop working, Russian space experts doubt, it is damaged by the US at the time of the laser test .

Laser weapon to protect small target

In addition to the heavyweight strategic objectives, the United States has developed a variety of relatively small high energy 30000mw Laser weapons for air defense, base defense and even anti roadside bombs. In air defense and base defense operations, in order to shoot down the aircraft, missiles and shells, the defense side often have to use a more expensive missiles to intercept. And the energy as a "ammunition" of the laser weapon is no such problem. Raytheon developed the solid laser in 2006 and had shoot down incoming 60 mm shells successfully, the United States and Israel jointly developed the mobile theater high energy laser weapon repeatedly in the trial shot down "card Katyusha rocket. In addition, the U.S. Navy worried that terrorists use small vessels to launch attacks on warships. To this end, the company also specializes the ship borne laser weapon, and demonstrates how to use it to attack small vessels.

In recent years, the American war, repeatedly condemned because of harming civilians. The Pentagon believes that the high accuracy of the 200mw Green Laser weapon is expected to allow the United States to get rid of this dilemma. America experts Jeremy Singh said that the NATO air strikes on television Belgrade in 1999, the missile explosion caused 16 people died, but if used laser weapons, it would destroy precise antenna and transmitting equipment to make television paralysis without causing any casualties. Even against tanks so heavily armored targets, tactical laser weapons can also destroy its antennas and other communications and observation system, let the tank becomes "deaf" or "blind". In 2009, Boeing took advantage of a C-130H aircraft carrying high energy chemical lasers to destroy the engine of a ground car to make it break down. Boeing says such an attack would not damage the personnel in the vehicle.

Laser weapons will not be absolutely invincible

Liu Jiangping said that any advanced weapons have their own limitations, although 50mw Laser weapons have a variety of advantages, it will not be absolutely invincible. Because the laser propagation will be affected by the atmospheric disturbance, clouds and other weather conditions, also equipped with laser weapons satellites, aircraft and ship is not perfect, such as aircraft are vulnerable to attack, after these carrying platform are destroyed, laser weapons also cannot play a role. In addition, the existing laser weapons can not work long hours, several times after the launch of a continuous need to re-add energy or cooling, which provides an opportunity for the opponent to attack.


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