How do like the Ponce Laser weapon?

"The US Navy are boasting its complex laser weapon system," Russian television has reported. As early as the beginning of this year the United States announced that it would test-fire ship-based 5000mw Laser weapons, "Voice of Russia" had said that the Americans boast of laser weapons to bring revolution in military affairs, but its authenticity can be doubtful, given the weather conditions, the line of sight restrictions defects."Moscow Komsomolets" said that Russia does not lag behind the United States in the field of laser weapons development.

"China is the most powerful opponent for United States on the development of burning laser pointer weapons" German news television station on the 12th said, "Chinese laser weapon shot down unmanned aerial vehicles" message vibe in the international media. Russia's "Herald" said China have chosen the right direction weapons development, because the United States is developing unmanned aerial vehicles the size of the beetle with missiles or artillery could not hit, but hit by a laser weapon system within two kilometers of the small target is entirely possible .  

green laser pointer

"Global Times" said, whether to play or satellite shot down unmanned aerial vehicles, the principle of 30000mw Laser weapons are the same, that is concentrated in the instant energy against each other. United States, Russia and other major powers in the follow-up laser weapons and other new-concept weapons, China is one of them. Where there are some outrageous statement. Website called "ultimate technology" on the 10th, said the Chinese are developing a similar to "death ray" of microwave weapons, launch it by truck, though not fatal, but it can make people feel a kind of internal organs to explode painful feeling. The article said that the weapon system called Poly WB-1, while the United States has a similar study at 2007. 

The US military is to potential enemies to pass an important political message, so they trying to attack US warships had to think twice before. But the problem is that the laser system makes combat become so cheap. But if war has come, the world will be more dangerous.

The next generation of 200mw Laser weapons will be able to generate 150 kilowatts destructive power, it is five times than the existing prototype, which is far beyond the power of the enemy and kill drone boats (Russian television said the power will be sufficient to destroy anti-ship missiles). Ane laser weapons can destroy multiple water boat, and this is precisely the Iranian Navy usual tactics.